Walky Rectangle —


Lighting system for walkways designed for use with LED light sources to ensure high visual comfort.

Wall installation.
Comprising an optical compartment (IP66 protection class) and wall base strip casing to be ordered separately.
Optical compartment in aluminium alloy with powder paint coating to ensure high resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays. Plastic closure casing in the rear part of the optical compartment.
Complete with plastic cable gland and 0.5 m long outgoing cable 
Tempered frosted sodium-calcium safety glass.
Luminaire without visible screws 
With anti-vandalism system involving a key to open and access the rear wiring compartment (supplied in the packaging).
With remote 24Vdc power supply (rectangular 270x90 mm).
Protection against over-voltages (220 ÷ 240 versions): 2kV in Common Mode (CM), 1kV in Differential Mode (DM).
Ambient operating temperature:Ta -30°C +50°C for 24Vdc versions,Ta -20°C +50°C for 220-240Vac (On-Off) versions, 
All external screws used are in A2 stainless steel.


  • Dimensions
    60 x 270 x 90mm or 38 x 180 x 45mm