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 Atelier Vierkant

Since its discovery, clay has been a medium used to express knowledge and connect people. Ancient cultures inscribed script and built villages in it, while ceramists, artists, and architects the world over still rely on its integrity to construct our material world.

Atelier Vierkant has founded a Belgian design house that re-grounds us and our built landscapes, each vessel and form evolving from the collaboration of many men, shaping, carving, firing with the same passion and craftsmanship our ancestors would have.

Willy and Annette Janssens, founders of Atelier Vierkant, alongside their three children, remain at the forefront of the design house, who believe the core of success is built on their incessant involvement in the production process and trusting, collaborative relationships with designers commissioning their work for projects the world over.

Here, the art of craftsmanship is celebrated, the timeless methods of hand labour are favoured and each product attains artisanal virtue, with unique textures and personality embossed into their forms.

Chromatic consistency, durability and resistance to continuous exposure to uv rays, humidity and frost, make Atelier Vierkant products a lifetime experience of gratification.



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