Superrail —


Superrail is a structure capable of housing an infinite number of solutions.

This miniature track is only 25mm wide. and can be made up of infinite lengths in a continuous and seamless manner. Superrail can be installed as a recessed, minimal and frame, ceiling and/or suspended system. All in complete safety, thanks to the mechanical coupling system.
This means the Robin spotlight can be integrated on top at the same time as inserting LED modules underneath for general lighting, thereby offering a dual solution of seamless Superrail Infinity System direct and/or indirect lighting, since connecting the spotlight does not interfere with the continuity of the lighting line underneath.In addition to this solution, Superrail can also accommodate the low voltage spotlights in the iGuzzini range with or without an adapter. Intelligent accessories, such as iBeacon, can also be integrated to achieve solutions that go above and beyond light.
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  • Dimensions
    W25 or W55 x L500, L1000, L2000 or L3000mm