Plato —

 Magis /Jasper

From $870

This year, Magis presents a new chair in die-cast aluminium: Plato, by Jasper Morrison.

As the designer tells us, ‘as a rule, special things are less useful than normal things’. This statement perfectly sums up his guiding principle for developing design projects, which is to create objects that are not “extra-ordinary”, but rather, “super-normal”. This is exactly what happened with Plato, a rigorous, minimalist chair that is also versatile and sturdy, and well-suited for both indoor and outdoor settings. As Jasper Morrison declares, “a fully recyclable chair, with extruded aluminium legs and a die-cast aluminium shell: a technology that enables us to create shells that are both slimmer and stronger than their plastic counterparts. There will also be an optional seat cushion, as well as a version with armrests”.


  • Dimensions
    Chair: W51 x D51.5 x H79, Armchair: W58 x D51.5 x H79