Palco Large LED —

 iGuzzini /Artec3

Adjustable spotlight with adapter for installation on electrified track for high output LED lamp with monochrome emission in a warm White (3000K) tone.

Flood optic (30-35°). Electronic ballast integrated in the product. Luminaire made of die-cast aluminium and thermoplastic material, allows 360° rotation about the vertical axis and 90° tilting relative to the horizontal plane. The luminaire has mechanical aiming locks for both movements, operated using the same tool on two screws, one at the side of the rod and one on the adapter for the track. Passive heat dissipation. Spotlight designed to contain up to two flat accessories simultaneously. Another external component can also be applied, selected from directional flaps and an anti-glare screen. All external accessories rotate 360° about the spotlight longitudinal axis. LED lifetime with residual flow at 80% (L80): 50,000 h at Ta 25°


  • Dimensions
    L25.8 x D14.2 x H29.3cm