Palco Framer —


Adjustable spotlights with adapter for installation on an electrified track.

Die-cast aluminium body. 360° rotation on the vertical axis, +10° - 90° tilting relative to the horizontal plane. Aiming is performed with mechanical screw locking mechanisms, graduated scales and friction devices. Dimmable electronic ballast integrated in the product. Framing projector fitted with Ø 30 – Ø 40 mm metal gobo for round shapes and metal flaps used to shape and adjust the shape of the light beam for square and rectangular shapes. All the aiming, focus and routine maintenance operations are fully tool-free. Possibility of ordering as accessories a set of diaphragms for the emission of circular light beams, measuring 8mm and 40mm, customized gobo made of chemically or microlaser cut metal and 24x36 mm slides.
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  • Warranty
    5 years
  • Dimensions
    Ø37, Ø99 or Ø115cm