Laser Blade XS, High Contrast —


The Blade is more than a product, more than innovation, more than a luminaire.

It's a declaration of beauty. Laser Blade XS cuts through ceilings and disappears into grooves just 28mm wide to perform a trick of light: architecture that opens to illuminate itself.
Miniaturisation is not just a question of manufacturing ability. We have encapsulated optical mastery and innovative know-how in just 18 mm. The light is aimed and maximised by a micro optical assembly that uses our patented Opti Beam technology. Every component and every detail is part of a sosphisticated mechanism that is adjusted in-house by our team of designers who boast the same care and calm as master watchmakers.
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  • Warranty
    5 years
  • Dimensions
    Please refer to spec sheet

Laser Blade XS, High Contrast

 TypeOpticLumenColour TempCRIIP RatingCode
2 Light, Trim, White/BlackFixed, Trim, TrimlessFlood<500 lm3000KCRI 90IP 20IGQ46747
2 Light, Trim, WhiteFixed, Trim, TrimlessFlood<500 lm3000KCRI 90IP 20IGQ46701
2 Light, Trim, BlackFixed, Trim, TrimlessFlood<500 lm3000KCRI 90IP 20IGQ46743