Laser Adjustable Round Trim —


• Flush mount installation on false ceilings of thickness 12.

5 to 25 mm for Minimal versions (without perimeter fl ap) or 1 to 25 mm for Frame versions (with fl ap) using steel wire springs.• Frame and heat sink in die-cast aluminium.• Reflector in metallic-fi nish thermoplastic material with scratch protection for excellent lighting effi ciency and visual comfort.• Controlled luminance emissions, UGR <13 comfort and UGR<10 super comfort versions.• "Tilting" versions adjustable by +/- 30° on the horizontal plane and versions with dual orientation(+/- 30° horizontal plane and 358°around the vertical axis).• Available with on-off wiring and dimmable versions.• The minimum installation space dimensions are listed in the onlineinstruction catalogue.• IP20• IP23 on the visible body of the mount after installation   View the full Laser Adjustable Round Range


  • Warranty
    5 years
  • Dimensions
    Ø38, Ø59 or Ø75mm

Laser Adjustable Round Trim

 TypeOpticLumenColour TempCRIIP RatingCode
ø59mm, White/BlackAdjustable, Trim, RoundFlood500-1000 lm3000KCRI 90IP 20IGP32547
ø75mm, White/BlackAdjustable, Trim, RoundFlood500-1000 lm3000KCRI 90IP 20IGP35647