Flauti Pendant 10 Amber —

 Giopato & Coombes

The handblown Murano glass LED lamps “I Flauti”, designed by the Anglo-italian design team Giopato & Coombes, combines tradition and technology in search for a new equilibrium between innovation and its context.

This contrast creates an object almost lost in time, frozen between the past and the future. The lamps are made of hand blown glass and turned brass, both high quality materials and processes. The glass modules mix different traditional techniques of Murano glassblowing such as “ballotòn” and “filigrana”, and match historical venetian colours that recall romantic sunsets over the floating city. In contrast the custom designed led light source, that shines upwards through the lamp and downwards, is held within a hand turned brass ring, in an effortless display of minimal precision that hides all the necessary and intricate detailing of a suspension lamp. The custom designed and handmade LED bulb is also produced in the Venetian region. Following the high interest during the FuoriSalone in Milan the studio has begun a low volume production run of the “I Flauti” suspension 


  • Dimensions
    Ø14 x H67cm