Blade R —


From chaos to order.

Blade R develops the concept of integration in architecture to improve people’s well-being through the smart activation of safety, entertainment, comfort and sustainability services.
Available in a range of combinations; Blade R + Palco Framer, Blade R + Laser, Blade R + Easy, Blade R + Emergency Light, Blade R + Multisensor, Blade R + Loudspeaker, Blade R + Camera, Blade R + Smoke detector or Blade R + Customisable cover. 
Blade R integrates to keep things simple and ensure ceilings are clean and harmonious. Absolute, functional and aesthetic integration. 
Blade R is available in three sizes; Ø80, Ø125, Ø170 or Ø170mm double ring. Discover more about the Blade R here.


  • Dimensions
    Ø80, Ø125 or Ø170 x D40mm