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Brand Pulpo

Product Light drop

LIGHT DROP, an illuminating diversion. This lamp by e27 makes no secret of its special effects. The perforated metal top over a hand-blown glass base not only serves as the lampshade, but also diffuses the light, providing a soft luminosity. It is an “illuminating” design in the strict sense of the term, which was nominated for the 2014 German Design Award. Whether in the centre of the room, on an end table, or in the window, the Light Drop ensures the proper mood lighting and atmosphere. 

  • Product Type Lighting
  • Colours glass: amber, smokey grey, turquoise, violet
  • Dimensions Ø 200 mm I height 150 mm
  • Material socket: cork I corpus: hand blown glass top: perforated metal plate copper- or powder coated
  • Lamp type GU 10
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