Patrick Norguet


Patrick Norguet is a French born designer born 1969. Patrick Norguet was educated at the Graduate School of Design, and opened offices in Paris in 1999. He has close ties to the fashion world through his collaborations with Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Guerlain and Christian Dior.

In 2000, Patrick Norguet achieved his first success with Giulio Cappellini who brings it to light by editing the flesh Rainbow; today entered the collections of Museum of Modern Art in New York. Some of his works are part of the permanent collections of prestigious museums all over the work. Awarded as “Designer of the Year” in 2005, Norguet belongs to the generation, which is known for putting the “French touch” on the international stage. His design perfectly interprets Cappellini’s theory of the union between fashion and design.