Henk Vos


Henk Vos was born in 1939. He studied interior architecture at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam. Since 1963, he and his family have managed a leading interior institute in Groningen. In 1996, with the help of his sons and their wives, Henk opened the leading interior design shopping plaza Maupertuus in Gronegin, which is now known as Vos interieur. Henk is also a successful industrial designer for various well-known brands such as Linteloo, Hugues Chevalier and the Dutch Gelderland Group.

He has a very fond eye for furniture and will tell you what he thinks with the blink of an eye. "Better empty than ugly" is the motto of this designer, whose creations enjoy a long life thanks not only to their timeless beauty, but also to the use of high-quality materials. Vos always considers the environment when designing and this is shown through his most popular piece, a classic table for VNU, which is hollow in the centre to minimise waste.