Sydney, Australia 

ZETR is a range of electrical accessories that compliments current architecture trends with a minimal and refined aesthetic. Our range of outlets and switches integrate with the surrounding surface to provide minimal impact on the specified finish. Brass, steel or custom-finished faceplates are available as part of the extended ZETR Carbon range.

With values in clean, dynamic, practical and innovative design, we are continuing to develop our range, experimenting with new electrical accessory designs and finishes to expand the ZETR offering to answer the needs of the architectural community in Australia, New Zealand and globally. 

Garth Elliott, the founder of minimalist electrical accessories company ZETR, noticed a gap in the availability of power outlet and switch products that could maintain both the integrity and finish of newly-complete architectural work.

Having spent a number of years as an electrical contractor working alongside residential architects, Garth wanted to create a series of flush-finished outlets and switches that could blend into surfaces and act as the quiet detail in any space.  

‘I saw ZETR as a solution to the problem that architects and designers inevitably come across. There was room in a market dominated by mass production for a premium series of fixtures that are visually respectful to newly constructed work. Witnessing that made diving into the design process feel so natural”