Thanks to its modularity and timelessness, USM Modular Furniture fits into every environment, fulfilling a wide range of functions within your home. It adapts to your needs and taste, and it helps you organise your home, offering all the space you need – wherever you want it. From minimal to eclectic, from functional to decorative, always modular, and adjustable, USM is furniture for a lifetime made with great care in Münsingen, Switzerland.

The longer a product can be used, the better it is for the environment. In this sense, the USM Haller systems sustainability is unrivalled, built with durable and wear-resistant materials.

USM Modular furniture includes the Haller, Haller E and Haller and Kitos Table, collections. The Haller collection is built around an elegantly simple modular system. Each piece of furniture is custom-designed and precision-built for you from an almost endlessly versatile set of standard parts.

Our showrooms are the ideal place to get to know the system. Be inspired by innovative designs and work with specialists to design beautiful bespoke furniture.