"You cannot fool nature, or copy the beauty of what it creates, just as you cannot imitate the sensations that
only natural materials can convey".

The Henge world is incredibly rich in ideas and materials that define a personal mood. Wood with deep colours and grain, stones as works of art, soft, smooth and supple fabrics and leather, metals burnished and aged by hand, along with sophisticated materials such as steel fabrics, ceramized and decorated Etna lava stone, swamp oak, Titanium stone.

We work with the expressiveness of the material in all its purity: we use the experience of man and his desire to experiment, following ambitious paths that go beyond the use of technology. We choose materials individually: each piece of stone, each trunk is valued and treated with care, using an innovative approach that takes advantage of their flaws and imperfections. We choose to be unique.

No industry can replicate what we create, because we remain bound to production principles where nature, weather, climate and the seasons still play a vital role in the final result, and where the working process has an ancient history of tradition and excellence.