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Delonghi Group Showroom

  • Auckland
  • New Zealand
  • Bureaux and Light Works Ltd
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Delonghi's new showroom just up the road from ECC is a premium walk-in concept space showcasing their finest European appliances alongside a fully functional demonstration kitchen. ECC was delighted to light our neighbour's showroom.

Proving popular again for retail, Front Light by iGuzzini was specified in two body sizes and wattage - 20w and 35w. The repeated black fittings create rhythm against the white ceiling and are placed to illuminate product on top of the cabinetry.

Front spots are a high quality, cost effective lighting solution, which promotes sales in retail stores by brightly illuminating product.

The Reflex Professional downlight was used for general lighting, and the wall washer version focused on illuminating the shelving areas of the showroom.

Photography: Robert Trathen

Products used in Delonghi Group Showroom