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Overland Presents Merchant, 277

  • Auckland
  • New Zealand
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When Overland Presents Merchant rolled out their new store design they approached ECC to provide spot lighting for all the stores. ECC recommended the Front Spot from iGuzzini.

Front is a directional spot with simple, clean lines. The Front Spot features 360 degree rotation and a 90 degree tilt, that provided flexibility in lighting the shoes and handbags on display. The large body was used with a high efficiency reflector for the 70W lamps. A black track and body was chosen to blend into the black ceiling to maintain focus on the merchandise. 


Since we hold stock of this product they could be delivered in the tight timeframe available and within budget. 

Front spots are a high quality, cost effective lighting solution, which promotes sales in retail stores by brightly illuminating product.

Photography: David Straight

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