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Squid Row

  • Auckland
  • New Zealand
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Squid Row was designed as a casual dining environment with a 60s surfy theme, with a light and airy atmosphere and layout. The ECC commercial team worked with Tom Skyring on the lighting design and seating elements.

The Moooi Random lights in white were particularly effective in achieving the brief as they allow you to see through the space, while Flos Pochettes uplighting reflects light back into the space off the white ceiling. Themed pictures are highlighted with Luciferos Giotto picture lights.

Lapala chairs and bar stools by Bonestil were chosen for their informal style to complement the casual atmosphere.

In the bar area the “marble” countertop and glass shelving is back-lit with T5 fluorescents, while the wooden shelves reuse the Luciferos Giotto picture lights. This results in a wonderful soft glow in the bar area at night.

A stunning Italamp Lenoir black chandelier was chosen by both Tom and the owners of the building for the entrance lobby.

Products used in Squid Row