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Mathias Hahn


London based Product Designer Mathias Hahn born 1977 in Germany, started up his studio in 2006 and is one of the founding members of OKAY studio. After graduating as Industrial Designer in Germany he moved on to the Royal College of Art, where he received a MA degree in Design Products under Ron Arad in 2006. From his studio and workshops he is working on diverse projects in the field of industrial and furniture design.

Mathias is attracted by the material integrity and longevity of everyday objects - in opposition to fast, ephemeral product consumption. His recent work explores traditional technologies and materials, while introducing basic mechanical principles and applications. Transforming these into simple but useful objects he takes a twisted angle at familiar object categories, in order to find new fields of application. Mathias Hahn - Industrial Design Studio works in a wide field ranging from industrial design, product development, brand & range strategy, art direction and consulting through to experimental design, one-off production and interiors.



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