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Paola Lenti


Established in 1994, Paola Lenti is renowned for its research and experimentation in the textile field. Natural and technological materials are transformed into unique, durable yarns and textiles. Their range of indoor and outdoor, furniture and rugs utilise these high tech materials, in both neutral and eye-popping colours.

Rope and Aquatech yarns, the result of the Company’s continuous research and experimentation, are used in their outdoor range. These yarns are enduring and resistant to the atmospheric agents, UV rays, salt and chlorine, which makes them well suited to the harsh New   Zealand outdoor environment. Paola Lenti offers an almost infinite chromatic range of colours. Yarns and fabrics are always dyed exclusively for the company in colours created by Paola Lenti.

Production techniques in their factory in Italy include age-old traditional methods, handicraft as well as innovative technological methods, especially conceived to guarantee that each single product has unique aesthetics and functional qualities such as endurance, resistance and non-deformability.

By unique experimentation and technical knowledge Paola Lenti produces products that go beyond traditional barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces. 



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